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Since the 2013 Save Our Cardiff Reservoirs Walk things have changed - hopefully for the better!

  • On 25th April 2013 we heard the fantastic news from the Welsh Government that the American utility company, Western Power Distribution (part of American corporation PPL), who owned the reservoirs, had lost their last planning appeal. They could have appealed within a couple of months but chose not to.
  • In September 2013 Western Power Distribution sold the reservoirs for £1 to the Spanish steel company Celsa (would have been nice if WPD asked the Reservoir Action Group for a quote but they didn't.) Celsa run the steelworks in Tremorfa and use the water from Lisvane which seems to be the reason why the Spanish company bought the reservoirs.
  • Also in September 2013 a 3000 signature petition was handed in to Cardiff Council asking they take all necessary steps to get Llanishen Reservoir refilled.

So the current situation is that discussions are currently taking place as to the next phase of the campaign (for further details in the latest RAG Newsletter Click Here. Also information on the Blog). Therefore the campaign fundraising walk planned for 2014 will not take place whilst discussions/negotiations are on-going

Information from the 2013 Walk:


  • All the 92 supporters who came along and took part in the 2013 event on the Gold (21 Miles), Silver (17 Miles), Bronze (12 Miles), Copper (6 Miles) & Teashop Routes (3 Miles).

The Politicians who supported the event:

Copper Route:

  • MP JONATHAN EVANS for Cardiff North (also took part in the 2011 & 2012 walks);
  • Councillor CRAIG WILLIAMS (Pentyrch and PPC for Cardiff North);

Teashop Route:

  • Assembly Member for Cardiff North JULIE MORGAN (also took part in the 2011 & 2012 walks);
  • BARONESS RANDERSON (also took part in the 2011 & 2012 walks);
  • Assembly Member for South Wales Central ELUNED PARROTT (also took part in the 2011 & 2012 walks);
  • Councillor PHIL BALE (Llanishen) also took part in the 2012 walk;
  • Councillor ANDREW GRIFFITHS (Llanishen);
  • MARI WILLIAMS (PPC Cardiff North);
  • Former First Minister (2000 to 2009) RHODRI MORGAN (also took part in the 2012 walk)

The politicians who took part:


  • The Handlers from SARDA South Wales who did a fantastic job marshalling the Garth checkpoint.


The Third Save Our Cardiff Reservoirs Walk (SOCRW) is an organised walk, taking place on Saturday 6th July, with five route options of 21 miles; 17 miles; 12 miles; 6 miles and 3 miles. Walking is the best way to enjoy the fantastic reservoirs and parks within and hills surrounding Cardiff. So on 6th July put your walking boots on and get out into the fresh air for a fun day of walks!

Llanishen Reservoir (On The Left) and Lisvane Reservoir (On The Right)

©Vilis Kuksa - www'penarthframing.com


To answer the above you need to know a bit about the reservoirs.


The reservoirs and their surroundings are an area of outstanding nature conservation importance. Lisvane reservoir is a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) designated in 1972 for its wintering wildfowl, and the embankments of both reservoirs are a separate SSSI for their internationally important diversity of grassland fungi. Llanishen reservoir was also home to one of Wales' leading Sailing Schools which enjoyed an international reputation. Indeed Hannah Mills who won a Silver Medal at the London Olympics, learnt to sail on Llanishen Reservoir and it is hoped that sailing will return to the reservoir in the future.

In addition free access to the reservoirs had allowed generations of the Cardiff public to enjoy walking, bird watching and fishing. Another benefit is the reservoirs location within the Nant Fawr 'Green Corridor', an unspoilt channel of woodlands and meadows which allows people to walk from virtually the city centre to the top of Caerphilly Mountain almost unhindered by the normal urban environment of buildings, roads and traffic. Building on the reservoirs would wreck this 'Green Corridor'.


The reservoir owner now prevents public access to the reservoirs and had planned to infill Llanishen reservoir and cover it with houses, forever spoiling this very special area of Cardiff. In April the Welsh Government announced that the reservoir owner had lost their final planning appeal. This should mean the reservoir is saved and the RAG campaign now moves into a new phase - to restore the reservoirs for future generations to once more enjoy sailing, fishing, bird watching and walking.


The Save Our Cardiff Reservoirs Walk is being held as a campaign fundraiser for the Reservoir Action Group who have battled for 12 years to stop developers and save the reservoirs. For the history and timeline of the campaign CLICK HERE. The event is organized by volunteers and all the proceeds raised will go to the Reservoir Action Group for their campaign to keep a truly terrific amenity for future generations to enjoy.


Cardiff parks and green spaces make up 10% of the total land area of the city and include some impressive parks giving Cardiff one of the highest areas of green space per head of population in the UK. This enables people to enjoy a walk of any distance away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

The SOCRW walks have been designed to include:

Walkers will have to self-navigate between checkpoints so map reading skills are required. Detailed route descriptions will also be available to assist you.

There is a choice of five routes:

All walkers on all routes will be given a full, detailed ROUTE DESCRIPTION. For an example of part of a Route Description click here. This gives you the details of the Gold Route section between the Start and Checkpoint 1.

For a LEAFLET about the event with an entry form click here. Though not essential, if you'd also like to raise sponsorship then you can get a Sponsorship Form if you click here. And it would be terrific if you can help us with publicity - if you know of anywhere a POSTER can be put up (office, shop, community centre, etc.), click here to download a poster to print off.

If you haven't got the Navigation Bar on the left of your screen click here.

Handlers from the Search and Rescue Dog Association South Wales Will Be Marshalling the Garth Mountain Checkpoint

The Reservoir Action Group would like to thank the Search and Rescue Dog Association (South Wales) Handlers for marshalling the Garth Mountain Checkpoint on this year's event.

SARDA (South Wales) Mountain Rescue Search Dogs are a fantastic charity who specialise in searching for lost, injured or missing people in hostile terrain and extreme weather conditions.Working with the Police, Mountain Rescue teams, and other emergency services, their search-dog teams cover large areas quicker and more effectively than human-only search teams. Missing people are found sooner and lives are saved.

Their handlers are all volunteers, who come from a variety of different backgrounds. All have day jobs, searching and training with SARDA South Wales is done in their spare time. Handlers and dogs are always ready to respond 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to calls in urban, rural or mountainous areas across South Wales and further afield.


On Saturday, 4th May, as part of the CARDIFF WALKING FESTIVAL, five RAG supporters walked 20 miles from Cwmcarn back to Cardiff, going over Twmbarlwm, Mynydd Machen, the Ridgeway north of Cardiff and passed the reservoirs along the Nant Fawr 'Green Corridor' into town.

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