Its not essential to pre-enter (you can enter 'on the day') but it would help the organizers enormously if people did. This will help us ensure we have in place enough resources on the day to enable all those who want to do the walk to take part. We don't want to turn people away because the event is full!

You can enter the Save Our Cardiff Reservoirs Walk either:

    By Post.
    By Internet.
    To do this click here.

    - To do this click here.
FOR 'PAYPAL' ENTRIES: Please note that the Paypal process is quite short. Once completed a screen will confirm you've entered the Save Our Cardiff Reservoirs Walk and you 'll receive a Paypal email confirmation of the payment.

Shortly after payment (between 1 - 3 weeks) you'll be sent Registration Sheet(s) in the post with information on what to do on the day.

If entering for more than one person please pass a Registration Sheet to each person you've entered and ask them to complete the RS and bring on the day. The completed RS must be handed in at the 'Registration Desk'.